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Berlin, VT | 86,000 sf

Residents at Chestnut Place Senior Living experience a welcoming, homey environment that serves as an ideal backdrop to a vibrant community.

Inspiration drawn from the beauty of Vermont’s natural landscape is showcased throughout, providing residents with both variety across spaces throughout their day and a sense of familiarity. Independent living features a warm color palette reflective of mountain views, with nutty textures and earthy artwork. Assisted living spaces are treated with a cool color palette reflective of lake views – soft and airy with soothing artwork.

A palette of gentle blues and greens are used in memory care for their restful and calming effect, while neutral carpeting with limited transitions brings warmth to the space. Artwork creates a connection to local history and a sense of nostalgia while aiding in wayfinding.

Architect: Rabideau Architects
Photography: Elizabeth Campbell Photography