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West Dover, Vermont | 35,000 sf

Located in West Dover, Vermont, Mount Snow is the most accessible Green Mountain getaway from southern metropolitan areas.  Mount Snow maintains the most powerful snow making system in the Northeast, with 80% snow making coverage, and is home to the #1 terrain park in the East.  The new Carinthia Base Lodge features ticketing, lockers, rentals, retail, restrooms, a cafeteria, dining, two bars, and ample outdoor seating.  With the essential role that snow plays in the overall operation of the resort, the snowflake has become an iconic element in the branding of the Carinthia Base Lodge.

Angularity, translucency, reflection, and brightness are all characteristics of the snowflake that are celebrated through the use of wood, glass, and metal within all three floors of the lodge.  Materials were carefully selected to withstand high traffic areas while creating a unique environment that celebrates the culture of the resort.  A nod to Mount Snow’s history and familiar slope-side elements are played out in graphics and artwork.

Design features were thoughtfully considered to create a space that is contemporary yet connected to its Vermont roots.  Familiar materials are used in new and unexpected applications and local artisans and tradespeople were involved in the graphics, metal, and wood working aspects of the project, further connecting the lodge to the local community.

Architect: Wiemann Lamphere
Contractor: Dupuis Construction
Photography: Elizabeth Campbell Photography