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Commercial Lending + Investment Services
Burlington VT | 4,200 sf

Looking to relocate their Commercial Lending + Investment Service offices to downtown Burlington, Northfield Savings Bank envisioned a space that embodied professionalism while wrapped in familiarity and hard-working comfort (not button-downed, but tooled up and ready to visit the job site). Using the NSB color palette and taking cues from their served communities, with specific reference to Builders, Makers, Doers, they wanted their visitors to feel like they were in a place that gets things done, not a place that processes paper and manages risk. They desired a space that was in keeping with their interest in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion with a good streak of Vermont independence.

In response to this request we worked closely with the contractor, talented artists, local furniture makers, and talented collaborators to bring this vision to the built environment. Fixed finishes and furnishings were carefully selected to provide the desired aesthetic with special considerations made for celebrating the building’s natural architecture and raw materials.

Architect: Smith Buckley Architects
Contractor: Malone Properties
Photography: Lindsay Raymondjack Photography

Local Partners & Collaborators:
Sammel Group
Vermont Farm Table
Abby Manock
Hubbardton Forge
Office Environments