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Shelburne, VT | 7000 sf

The Vermont Day School is a place where education is designed to be vibrant, stimulating, and meaningful. Drawing inspiration from the unique beauty of nature, the design for the Vermont Day School provides an ideal environment to foster students’ curiosity and creativity. Just as innovative approaches to learning are encouraged for students, the unexpected and unique are celebrated in the space.

Simple, clean layouts allow for maximum efficiency and flexibility of all areas, and finishes & furniture are selected to handle the day to day use they will receive. Calming neutral finishes provide the backdrop to occasional moments of energy and color while varied textures maintain visual interest throughout. References to nature are incorporated in an artful and whimsical way. The result is a space that will serve and inspire students as they grow and thrive.

Architect: TruexCullins  
Contractor: Wright and Morrissey
Photography: Oliver Parini